FarmShift Fertilizer 2017:

Retailing Fertilizer in the Age of Intensified Grower Needs

January 4, 2017 (Winnipeg, MB) – FarmShift Fertilizer 2017 Open for Subscription

The syndicated study, FarmShift Fertilizer 2017, will focus on western Canadian growers’ changing needs and the impact of this shift on the fertilizer retail business. In addition to the core study, there is also an omnibus opportunity for clients to insert proprietary questions.

Areas of exploration will include:

  • Grower-retailer relationship – switching, loyalty drivers, retailer ratings on key attributes, and many other aspects
  • Fertilizer usage and practices – product use (forms used, nutrients used, use of custom blends, premium differentiated products), equipment and on-farm storage capacity, and application practices
  • Retailer share of growers, and growth and retention heading into 2017

“75% of western Canadian growers have made changes to their fertility practices in the last two years or are planning to make changes in the next two years.”
Source: FarmShift 2016 Changing Practices Study


Research will be based on a 400-sample of western Canadian growers stratified by province and farm size. Results will be analyzed to determine whether there are differences by farm size, fertilizer retailer, province, age and various grower segments (TBD based on growers’ product use, equipment ownership, and application practices).

This syndicated study is for companies and organizations impacted by growers’ shifting fertilizer practices, with the need to:

  • Understand the relative growth and decline of players in the fertilizer business
  • Identify the drivers of changing grower purchase behaviours
  • Deploy resources and strategies to adapt to changing needs

Clients may purchase:

  • The FarmShift Fertilizer 2017 core study
  • The Omnibus: Insert your own proprietary questions on any topic (space permitting)
  • The core study plus omnibus questions

Early pricing is available until January 31, 2017. The study will field in February/March, 2017.

Please click here for the study prospectus, which provides full details on the content of the report and methodology, and includes information on how to subscribe.

Or feel free to contact:

Director of Research Strategy

Russell Jeffrey
Managing Partner